Rachel. 27. Northerner. Photographer. Copywriter and social media geek by trade. Over-user of exclamation marks.

I love taking photos, so here can be found a random assortment of absolutely anything and everything I’ve been photographing recently. I’m obsessed with black and white, so much so that it even has its own category here.

When I’m not travelling or photographing, I collect old postcards, and I’m always hunting for new markets to visit.

I’m obsessed with anything Victorian, which explains my obsessions with postcards, books like Dracula andΒ Great Expectations, Saltburn, the history of Middlesbrough, and London.

I also love words and will never use just one when I could use ten to say the same thing, which is why my About page is so long. If you’ve read this far then I thank you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog.
Rach x

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Martin Peagam says:

    Love your photos – some impressive images in your collection and you have a fine eye for buildings.
    I am glad you enjoyed the tour of Acklam Hall in May – although with the numbers that were present I am amazed that you got such good images.
    I am giving a talk on The History of Acklam Hall on Friday 5 September 2014 at The Dorman Museum. I would like to use some of your images in my talk and wondered whether you would have any objection to me doing so? I will, of course, acknowledge you as the photographer.

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Martin,
      I did absolutely love the tour, I hope there’s another one soon. Thank you for the compliments! I’d be absolutely flattered if you used some of my photographs in your talk, please feel free to use any you like, and if you need any higher resolution versions just drop me an email.
      I’d really love to come to the Acklam Day event but sadly I’m working, so hopefully one day there will be another event on a weekend that I can attend instead.

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