Why I love the Lens Distortions app

I’ve already mentioned (probably more than once) how much I love Snapseed for mobile photography, but last week I dicovered a new favourite app – Lens Distortions.

While Snapseed is better for more natural edits, like brightness and saturation, to perk up photos, Lens Distortions is much more about artistic effects. I’m not talking the cheesy effects of yore, like trying to sketch your photo in pencil crayon, I’m talking dreamy sunbursts and twinkly lights the likes of which you could never capture with a phone.

Here are two photos where I tried to capture some kind of sunburst and my phone just wasn’t up to the task, and the effects I managed to achieve with the Lens Distortions app.

The app doesn’t just do sunbursts, you can also make some pretty boring photos look much more interesting with random flecks of light and lens flare.

There’s also fog effects which I’ve not tried yet, I’m saving those til later in the year – right now I’m all about the sun and blue skies!

Not only does the Lens Distortions app produce really realistic effects which really take your photos to the next level, here’s the best part – it’s free! I’m in photography heaven, thank you Lens Distortions!


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