Niagara Falls – the good part!

You’d be forgiven for thinking, after reading my ‘first impressions’ post, that Niagara Falls is just one big disappointment, so let me disabuse you of that idea. It’s definitely not, but I was super unhappy with my first impressions and I’m disappointed that the local council (or whatever the Canadian equivalent is) hasn’t realised that it needs to do more.

Anyway, mini rant over – you can look at that ‘first impressions’ post if you want to read more of it – now onto the important stuff!

Once you get past the totally abandoned outskirts of the town, it becomes just a town the same as any other, with petrol stations, retirement homes, and anything else you’d expect to find. Keep heading towards where you think the Falls are, and suddenly heyyyyy world, here I ammmmmm! It’s like Blackpool, but Blackpool on speed. It’s filled to the brim with tourist traps like waxwork museums and haunted houses and it’s just all so tacky! I’m not a great fan of tack (except souvenirs) or massive crowds of people, but I suppose it’s better than feeling like you’ve stepped into a ghost town. Although there was a shop completely dedicated to Coke, which made me ridiculously happy.

They also have a big wheel, which everyone knows is essential to go on when you’re on holiday…

…though I did discover that when it’s rainy and foggy, you can’t actually see the Falls from up there!

You can’t fail to be awed by the sight of Niagara Falls, unless you have a heart of stone. There are some moments in life when you just have to stop and marvel at the majesty of this planet, and visiting Niagara Falls is one of them. Go, and spend a minute thanking whatever science or divine being you believe created this world, for giving us such beauty.

I also discovered that going on a boat ride to the Falls is exceptionally wet, and I’m eternally thankful that I had a filter on my lens which stopped the water getting into it. Although  my camera ended up out of action anyway, because there was so much water on the filter that the camera couldn’t focus any more, and I was too wet head to toe to find anything dry enough to wipe the filter off with!

Here’s the last photo I got before my camera gave up…

I’m guessing most people probably start off looking at them from the top, and then go down and do the boat tour, so it’s not until you go up close to them that you realise how darn big they actually are!

Despite my job being writing and my hobby being photography, no words or photos could do justice to what being at Niagara Falls is like. If you have the opportunity to go, definitely go! (Just don’t arrive by Greyhound! πŸ˜…)

And I have to give a mention to The Keg (at Embassy Suites), because it was just ugh πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ Cheesy garlic bread of dreams, and mashed potato which I could eat til I die, and I don’t even like mash. And, of course, the view is literally the view of dreams!!! (Pro tip: go for dinner, not tea, because there’ll be less people and you’re more likely to get a window seat πŸ˜Ž )

Despite rather inauspicious beginnings, I actually loved being in Niagara, and I’m absolutely craving going back when it’s fine weather so I can just sit for hours watching and listening…heaven.


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