Niagara Falls – first impressions

Arriving in Niagara Falls on the Greyhound bus from Toronto, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the bus driver had gotten lost and stopped to ask for directions. It looks rather like you’ve stopped on an abandoned film set, with derelict buildings everywhere. Where are the fancy fallsview hotels, the casinos, the children’s entertainment, the falls? C’mon, make with the motherf*ckin’ water!

Could it be that Niagara Falls is all an elaborate ruse to defraud tourists, who arrive to find the town actually doesn’t exist?

The Greyhound bus station is as uninspired as its surroundings, with not even a sandwich shop to make spending time there a little more bearable.

It was clearly built about 40 years ago and hasn’t been modernised since.

The toilets are definitely the kind which you could get some kind of venereal disease just from using, and definitely haven’t had a good clean or seen a bottle of disinfectant within my lifetime.

One of the doors featured this particularly charming piece of information:

Considering the Greyhound station and its surroundings are the first impression a lot of people will get of the town, to say that it’s getting your trip off to a bad start is a ridiculous understatement. The local council or tourism board really ought to up their game.

Luckily, after escaping the dilapidated backwater area, Niagara Falls itself actually isn’t bad – the good stuff is coming up in my next post…


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