Phone photography and Snapseed

Phones are great. I know I go on about loving my iPhone but it’s true, I do. I can take photos of blossom on my way home, or make random Boomerang videos of wind turbines, or pretty much anything I want. But having a good camera on your phone doesn’t mean your shots are perfect straight away. Having a good editing programme on your phone is absolutely essential if you want your photos to stand out in the endless stream of Instagram posts or even just on Facebook.

Since getting my new phone, my go-to app for editing has been Snapseed.

This is going to sound like a sponsored post, but it’s absolutely not (I wish I could monetise my blog though!) – I just really love Snapseed.

It’s great for moving away from ‘auto-level’ kind of corrections and into some understanding of how different elements make up an edited photo..

You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights, and more – and that’s just in the first menu.  You can also do the usual crops and rotations, and there’s some great more powerful tools in there too, like white balance and perspective changes.

My favourite tool is ‘structure’ which really brings out the details of a photo – although it’s easy to overdo it, so it’s worth being a little bit cautious if you’re planning on using your photos anywhere that will be viewed on a desktop rather than a mobile.

It has absolutely heaps of other feature I’ve not even started to explore, like a double exposure filter, and using curves to edit photos – they have a bunch of presets for beginners, or you can edit red, green or blue tones yourself, or all three together.

Here are just a few examples of my pics edited with Snapseed – I don’t have many before and after examples because I tend to overwrite the original image file with the amends.

Before  After



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