Hot chocolate is for life, not just winter

Anyone who spends any time looking at my Instagram will know that I love hot chocolate. I mean, you can’t fail to be happy when you have a (good) hot chocolate in your hand! In fact, you could almost say I’m a hot chocolate connoisseur (I can’t lie, my first attempt at spelling it was ‘connesuir’, so Google helped me. My English is great, but my French, not so much.)

I’m also someone who likes lists a lot, so what better way to present my favourite hot chocolates than in a list (with photos of course, because I can never resist taking a blogger-ish photo of my food or drink).

So here I present to you, my top 5 hot chocolates:

1. Caffe Nero (salted caramel)

I’m all about the independent businesses, but oh, this Caffe Nero one is so good!

It started off on their Christmas specials range, but now they’ve put the option to add syrups to your drink on their regular menu, so hello salted caramel hot chocolate all year round!

Caffe Nero

2. Baker Street Kitchen (BSK hot chocolate)

Hot chocolate! Marshmallows! Cream! And a Flake! Be still my beating heart!

As if the hot chocolate couldn’t possibly get any better, you also get a Flake or some other kind of super-melty chocolate bar to go with it, which you can put into your hot chocolate to make it even richer, or just eat it (guilty).

Baker Street Kitchen

3. Brewhouse (white chocolate)

I’m reliably informed that the proper Teesside way to say this coffee shop’s name is ‘Brew’ouse’, so here’s a white chocolate hot chocolate from Brew’ouse.

There’s not a lot to say really, other than why wouldn’t you want a hot chocolate that’s made with white chocolate? It literally tastes like drinking a Milkybar, none of this cheap powdered hot chocolate rubbish! Oh, and it comes with a Flake too; you can’t get much better than that!


4. Bedford St Coffee (white chocolate)

Okay, so I stupidly didn’t take a photo of it when I had it, so I’m posting this wonderful brownie photo instead.

The white chocolate hot chocolate in question isn’t quite on a level with the Brew’ouse one above, but it’s also not as thick so definitely more practical for everyday drinking (not that I drink hot chocolate every day, but I would if I could). And because Bedford St Coffee are all about the ethical and organic stuff – if I drank coffee those words would probably mean more to me – then I’m sure the hot chocolate is of similar saintliness!

Bedford St Coffee

5. Olde Young Tea House

You can’t write about hot drinks in Middlesbrough and not write about the Olde Young Tea House.

Everything there is served with a side order of adorbs (by that I obviously mean adorableness, not some weird new food called adorbs), which makes it wonderful in my book. Their hot chocolate comes with all the usual trimmings and my only complaint is that the mug could be bigger, but then I always want more hot chocolate!

Olde Young Tea House


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