I may be slightly biased as I was one of the #MbroInstaMeet organisers, but yeah, it was quite fabulous! Despite the miserable weather forecast, we managed to have brilliant blue skies the whole way round, and sunshine!

Gibson House

Transporter Park

Transporter Bridge (with bonus sunburst!)

Vulcan Street wall

Flowers (of course, it’s me, there had to be flowers!)

Blossom! (Who can resist? Not me!)

Transporter Bridge and blossom

Transporter Bridge and blossom again!

Dock clock

Temenos (and another bonus sunburst) – why has no one ever noticed that it looks like the Deathly Hallows?!

Look at that dreamy blue sky!!

Middlesbrough College and more flowers


And after all that glorious sunshine, this was the weather less than three hours later…


No lie – it thundered, lightninged and hailstoned until the ground was literally covered, and there was flash flooding across the town, including a bunch of roads in the town centre. Happy April 1st!


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