Amsterdam: street art and curiosities

I remember being young and looking out of the window of a bus somewhere in Gateshead and seeing some graffiti and thinking that it was actually really attractive, and that when I was older and had loads of money, I’d employ graffiti artists to paint artworks like that.

Obviously that hasn’t happened, but street art has become much more socially acceptable recently – even local councils are getting in on the game and actually paying artists to create murals on buildings. I’m sure some people think that that dilutes the original point of graffiti and street art – that is, that it was illicit and artists didn’t have permission to do it – but I won’t weigh in on that because I’m not part of that community at all.

Anyway, after some amazing examples in Belgium, and Brick Lane (plus this post, that post and here too) of course, I’m always on the look out for it.

So here are some gems I spotted in Amsterdam…

After spotting various bit of street furniture covered in stickers when I was in Belgium (GentBrugge and Brussels) a few years ago, it’s become something of an obsession. Amsterdam didn’t disappoint, although I’m sure some people thought I was very weird (standard).

And last but not least, some beautiful decoration on buildings, because why the hell not?


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