My Amsterdam holiday

I’ve still not finished processing all my photos from Amsterdam (this is less of a shock when I explain that I’ve still not finished processing my photos from Belgium which was two and a half years ago), so my very belated holiday roundup is having to use my phone photos instead.

First day

Just look at those dreamy clouds! I swear I must have looked like a child on their first holiday abroad, I was just sat with my face pressed to the glass (plastic, whatever) for most of the flight.

Not long after I got there, the sun started going down – just look how dreamy it looks!

Quite a lot of chips were consumed too, of course! And that mayo is incredible, not like the rubbish they have over here!

It even looks good in the dark and rain, just like my beautiful York!

Foggy morning

Next day started off pretty foggy – it was December after all…

…but what photographer wouldn’t love a foggy morning on the canal?

It just meant there was less sunlight to wash out the buildings!


Of course, the main thing I wanted to go to Amsterdam for was the amazing buildings, and of course it didn’t disappoint!

That little black and white house next to the church is one of my faves!

Doors, windows and houses

I felt it would make me a terribly bad blogger/Instagrammer if I didn’t get photos of the wonderful doors and windows and houses I came across, even if I did feel a bit weird just taking photos of people’s homes!

What a window!

I wouldn’t mind working in there…the photo doesn’t do it justice at all!


I was pretty disappointed to find out that Amsterdam isn’t really big on the mega Christmas markets that you get in places like Germany, although I did find a cute Christmas market going on close to my Airbnb one of the days.

Pretty good hot chocolate, plus it came with sprinkles! I 100% should have got my nails done before going on holiday though.

Face-sized meringues!

So, since I was being deprived of my Christmas market opportunity, I did what any (?) young woman on holiday in a foreign country alone for the first time would do… I booked a day trip over the border to Cologne, to see the Christmas market there…


I definitely wasn’t disappointed…so dreamy!

Look at all those lights! I was literally in heaven! (Except for how hard it is to photograph fairylights with a phone or while hand-holding a camera)

So much Christmas!

Cute mug to take away with me…and awful nails again!

I could genuinely eat raclette every meal for ever and probably never get bored. Melted cheese of dreams!

Quirky Amsterdam

If you’ve read my quirky London post, you’ll have realised that I use the word to mean random things I’ve spotted and like the look of, so here are some things which caught my eye in Amsterdam…

Definitely getting into the Christmas spirit in this shop; this is what I want the front of my house to look like at Christmas!

Some subtle decoration here!Β πŸŽ€

Okay, so since the secondary purpose of my Amsterdam trip was to see the Amsterdam Light FestivalΒ (the first, as I said earlier, being coloured buildings), I can’t exactly call this and the next pic ‘random things which caught my eye’. But who cares. This gay rainbow 🌈 (it really is a reference to the LGBT community) was definitely my favourite installation, and I went back on my last night with my camera to try and get some good night photos of it.

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Netherlands without a photo of some clogs, would it?

I found this random set-up outside an antique shop and couldn’t resist taking a photo.

I’ve no idea what this is, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Definitely my kind of gallery!

These are just fantastic – yarn bombers in Amsterdam!

I absolutely loved theΒ Begijnhof, and would quite like to live there when I’m old…well, but for the religious element, anyway!

And of course I had to finish with this magical (andΒ huge) Christmas tree, because who doesn’t love a giant Christmas tree in the middle of a shopping mall?

Thank you Amsterdam, you were magical, and I’ll definitely be back! ❀️


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