The end of an era…

Bye bye railcard

Can you class a credit card-sized piece of plastic as a friend? Interestingly, I’ve had my railcard longer than I’ve known many of my friends. Or should I say, I did have. Because as you can see from the photo, my railcard is no more. After years and years of adventures, it has finally expired and I’m not eligible to replace it. I’m too old for a young person’s railcard, too young for an older person’s railcard, and have neither a family nor a partner so I can’t get a family or ‘two together’ railcard either. Until one of those things changes, I actually have to pay full fare on any rail trip (help).

When I ordered my final (three year) railcard in 2013, it was a huge outlay for me because after two and a half years of being unemployed, I’d only just started a job (actually an apprenticeship) and was being paid peanuts. I said when I bought it that by the time it expired, I needed to be living in London. As it is, I’m neither living in London nor under any delusions that it’s going to happen anytime soon (ever). You don’t buy things and start thinking about the ways you and your life will change during the time you have them, thank god, because that would be truly frightening.

But what I can be grateful for is the places my railcard did take me.

It took me on so many chaotic, wonderful trips to London, with food and shows and some of the best times ever…

London (Hampstead Pergola)

It took me on innumerable trips to Saltburn on a Saturday, camera in hand, for markets and food and wonderful Victorian feels…


Not to mention to the airport for this amazing holiday to Belgium…

Belgium (Brussels)

Edinburgh, the only time I’ll ever be able to basically go for a day out and call it a work trip…





So thank you, railcard. You’ve been my companion for three years of adventures and you’ll be missed β™₯


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