The Magic of Hampstead Pergola – part 2

Hampstead Pergola

Hampstead Pergola

Hampstead Pergola

The magical Hampstead Pergola returns with a handful of photos from visit number two.

This time I had my DSLR with me, with gave me some control over the exposure, something I found problematic last time using my compact.  It also meant I could get down into my beloved low F-stops and shoot some glorious details.

Unfortunately it was a very dull day and the sky was virtually white, so that, added to the fact it was raining and the light was reflecting off the wet floors, thoroughly confused my poor camera and it wasn’t as much of a successful outing as I’d hoped  (I’ve mastered ISO and apertures, but White Balance and EV are largely still a mystery to me).

I shot mostly in black and white anyway, to avoid having to deal too much with the miserable sky, but I still had a few issues that I just didn’t have enough time to look into and fix.  Next trip to London is booked for April, so with any luck this time we’ll be able to pick a fine day with a bit of blue sky and not too much sunlight, and things might go a bit better!


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