Recent work in Middlesbrough

Occasionally I get the chance to prance around with my camera as part of my job, so here’s a little selection of some of the things I’ve gotten up to over the last few months…

Photographing the exterior of the gorgeous Dorman Museum, because I can ❀

Dorman Museum

Photographing lovely colours on Baker Street.  This photo has since made it into the town’s residents’ magazine, and posters in the bus station.

Baker Street

Exploring the fabulous multi-million pound developments at Middlehaven, including the futuristic-looking main building at Middlesbrough College.

Middlesbrough College

Possibly my favourite adventure, climbing the 200+ steps to the top of the Transporter Bridge first thing on a Sunday morning to have a look around at the work in progress. I managed to get to the top without giving myself a heart attack, which I count as a major victory! You get some fabulous views from up there, I’d definitely recommend a trip up there once it’s properly reopened to visitors.

Transporter Bridge

Scary walkways still in progress!

Transporter Bridge

Best obstacle course I’ve ever done!

Transporter Bridge

Awesome views!
(That awful metal grate stuff is similar to what the bridge’s original walkway was made of.  Trust me, walking on that is not fun.)


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