Christmas Purchases (part 1)

An exceptionally delayed first of all the gorgeous things I bought at various Christmas markets. Most of them were presents for le history-loving partner, so I couldn’t blog them until they’d been opened, and then what with the Great Laptop Fail, I just didn’t get around to it.

So, here are some of my (not so recent) beauties – the ones which stayed with me… The rest will come in a separate post.

York Xmas Market
Hand painted Christmas vase from a Christmas market in Coppergate, York.

Newcastle Xmas Market
Genuine (yet contemporary) Russian doll, from Newcastle Christmas market.

Sew 2 Work
Handmade heart from Sew 2 Work, a charity ‘helping women develop skills and confidence which enables them to move towards employment or self employment’. My heart was handmade by a lady called Habiba, originally from Afghanistan.


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