POSTCARDS: Lovely postcard messages

Continuing my love of the messages on postcards as much as the images, here are a few of the best from my new haul.

This is one of my favourite postcards ever, it’s just so beautiful. I know enough German to think that the verse is probably written in a slightly archaic version of the language, just like the English language has changed over time.

And it just gets better – look at the beautiful writing and postmarks on the back!!

An interesting story behind it perhaps, as two of the addressees are French Mademoiselles and one is a German Frau…

I think this is definitely what historians would call ‘romantic friendship’, and if it’s not then why do my friends not write to me like that?

Being slightly obsessed as I am with the war, this postcard hurts me. One of the lines reads “We have had it quieter here lately, no shells or bombs, and I hope the war is soon over so we can not get any more”.


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