POSTCARDS: Random places

You’re probably thinking that for someone who professes to be as obsessed with postcards as I am, there haven’t been many postcard-related posts recently, and you’d be right. (100% to do with my upcoming trip to London (among other places) and the money required to fund it which therefore cannot be put towards new postcards).

However, a few weeks ago when I was in York, I happened to end up in Oxfam bookshop on Micklegate, and lo and behold, there was a box of old postcards by the till. So, out of a box of at least 100, I managed to pick my 5 favourites – and broke my cardinal rule of old postcard collecting – always buy postcards of places you know or are likely to visit. This is what I managed to buy:

1) Cottage Garden, Icklesham, Sussex – J. Salmon – from a painting by James Matthews


Not postally used or dated, but has ‘Mildred’ written on it. Also has a collection of words and numbers in light pencil, which I’ll try and photograph when I have better light.

2) Mary Arden’s House, Wilmcote, Stratford-on-Avon – J. Salmon – from a painting by W. Carruthers


Not postally used or dated. Again labelled ‘Mildred’ in the same hand, but probably at a different time to postcard #1. Looks to be more recent than postcard #1, but by no means modern.

3) The Choir, Worcester Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral

Not postcally used or dated, and no publisher or photographer noted.

4) Tomb of Rufus & Reredos, Winchester Cathedral – Walter Scott, Bradford

Winchester Cathedral

Not postally used or dated.

5) The Village Store, Princeton Center, Massachusetts – The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, NY – 1957

Princeton front

Postally used, dated 1957. Sent to Shipley, Yorkshire.

Princeton back

Full message written, I just haven’t been able to read it all yet!


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