Black & White Seaside Photography

When you think of the beach, you probably don’t automatically think of black and white photography. The sea, the sky, ice creams with strawberry sauce, the riotous colours of arcades – all of these lend themselves so strongly to colour photography that capturing seaside scenes in black and white feels like a disservice to the scene.

But there’s something timeless about a black and white scene (especially if, like me, you’re obsessed with old postcards) even if there are modern elements in it..

..and somehow even unattractive things in the photo like litter bins become an element of the photo in and of themselves, rather than something to be airbrushed out.

To me, black and white photography means the photographer has to work harder, which makes the end result even more rewarding. Everything is about contrast and exposure and the subtle variations therein which make up the different aspects of the photo..

..or the depth of focus..

..or other elements like lines and shapes which you might otherwise miss because you’re distracted by colours.

Redcar seafront


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