York: A New View – Part 2

Tucked subtly behind an iron gate on Goodramgate, or down an inauspicious alleyway between Poundland and L.K. Bennett clothing store on Low Petergate, is the 14th Century Holy Trinity Church.

Approaching from Goodramgate gives the best view of this beautiful medieval gem as you walk up the path through the church yard, following in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of people in centuries before you.

Holy Trinity (Goodramgate)

But for me, entering from Low Petergate is the best way to glimpse this beautiful building for the first time. Down a nondescript alleyway (of which there are many in York), you see an archway and overhanging trees, and rising up behind the stone and the leaves you see a strange and intriguing combination of pale stone and dark bricks…

Holy Trinity (Petergate)

For a suggested donation of Β£2 upon entry, you can escape for a few minutes – or longer, with the help of a friendly and knowledgeable volunteer – into a world inhabited by history and shadows, all tucked away out of sight of the rushing crowds.


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