Whitby: A View Through Instagram

Whitby, like York, is somewhere I’ve pretty much grown up with; many a bank holiday and summer weekend day were spent there when I was younger. And like York, I’ve recently realised that I’m interested in getting off the beaten track a little bit. Like a lot of northern towns, Whitby has some wonderful Victorian streets and buildings, and those are where I’ve found myself going when I have the choice.

My first photo is of Henrietta Street, which can be found by bearing left instead of heading up the 199 steps to the church and Abbey (the photo below showing the view back towards the 199 steps).

Whitby Instagram 2

When abroad, my main focus is usually on windows, shutters and window planters, and back in England, lacking those things, my obsession is streets, pastel coloured houses, and anything remotely Victorian.

Whitby Instagram 3

Although occasionally the odd window or two creeps in for good measure..

Whitby Instagram 1

If you follow the street along far enough, the cobbled road peters out and you end up with a path up to an extremely windy headland with great views over the bay.

Whitby Instagram 6

Of course, you can’t beat a good, bracing (who am I kidding?) walk up the 199 steps, and having only visited the Abbey a few times when I was younger, there’s still a lot to explore up there (especially when I’m with my aforementioned history-obsessed partner!). One view you can’t afford to miss is the one below, because while it may be a typical photographer’s shot of the Abbey, it’s always a little bit different based on the season, the light etc.

Whitby Instagram 5

Lastly, I can’t go without mentioning the graveyard. There is a sign which asks people to be respectful and not take photos, but my last image was captured on a day with such scarily stormy skies that I really couldn’t resist. I know it’s been Instagrammed quite dramatically and the slight vignetting at the top has darkened the sky, but the sea really was that colour – it’s not hard to see why on a stormy day with crashing seas, Bram Stoker was inspired to write such a dark, gothic story!

Whitby Instagram 4


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