York: A New View – Part 1

One of my recent and favourite gems in York has to be this, found opposite the entrance to Barley Hall museum, which is located just off Stonegate. It’s just so very obviously untouched since it was built, I fell in love with it. More recently it’s succumbed to some wear and tear; some of the window panes are broken, but this just adds to the feel of it.


The second is one of my most enduring favourites in York, but not necessarily the typical view you’d expect. The view is from Skeldergate Bridge at night (the furthest away of the three main bridges in York city centre, located past Clifford’s Tower in the direction of the university). Walking home every night after staying late at the library when I was a student (yes, really), the route was always across Skeldergate Bridge to stop and appreciate the view.

Skeldergate Bridge View

(Unfortunately, the above photo was taken on my first ever venture into nighttime photography with my tripod, so I’m aware that my technique needs work.)

Hopefully this can become a bit more of a regular feature, I just need to get myself out for a day in York and taking photos of everything that I’d like to feature. In the mean time, go visit York yourself… It’s perfect.


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