Scenes from a Bedroom


I’ve never moved house in my life; I’ve kept the same bedroom for all of my 23 years. It’s strange to look around and see things which have remained unchanged for years. The pendant below has hung in the same place since I bought it, which must have been six years ago at least, possibly more.

Topshop Heart

In a way, I see my bedroom almost in the same way as cliffs and other structures made up of different layers. I don’t tend to get rid of anything, I just add new things, each describing a new layer of interest I’ve discovered. I have everything from stickers on my window and pictures on the wall from when I was 13 and obsessed with peace slogans and frogs, to things like these shabby chic style hearts, from my recent vintage phase.

Shabby Chic Hearts

Almost everything describes a little part of me, even random seeming things like a pile of old train tickets. I keep them for months at a time, with the vague thought of putting them into the scrapbook which I own but haven’t begun yet.

Train Tix

When I moved back from university my room looked exactly the way it did when I left, even though three years had gone by, and perhaps it isn’t a good idea to leave it like that, because it’s the bedroom of a girl at 18 dreaming of where her life will lead.


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